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Selling Tangible Products Online

Tangible means something that you can touch, so for our purposes this would be anything that would need to be sent through the mail. From DVDs to gadgets, anything that you can put into a Jiffy bag and mail to your customer is a tangible product.
The advantage with these is that you have an actual physical product to sell, but the disadvantage is that there are a lot more risks to take with them. Supposing you take in some stock of a product that isn’t selling at the moment in the hope of turning it into a best seller… and it doesn’t sell? You’re left with plenty of stock taking up space, and you’ve lost money as a result.
There is a better way if you want to go the tangible goods route – and in fact there are two options for you here. Firstly you could become an affiliate marketer and refer other people to tangible products sold by a third party. make money online fast means you refer the sale, you get a percentage of that sale for your efforts, and the third party that stocks the product takes care of the physical process of sending it out to the customer.
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Your second option is to get into dropshipping. This is a similar process but the difference is normally that while the company processes the order and sends it to the customer, it is often sent so it looks as if it came directly from you.

The other difference is that the customer places the order with you, and you then place the order – having taken your commission off first – with the customer’s information added in as the delivery details.
This obviously involves more work but you will get your commission up front and therefore you won’t need to wait until you reach the commission payout level that is set by the site you are using for your affiliate products.

Selling tangible products is a solid way to make money online.
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